Game Industry Chief Strategy Officer Egil Strunke Joins EdTech Company EduTechSmart Advisory Board

Umeå, June 11th, 2024 — EduTechSmart, a Swedish company offering gamified healthcare education (interactive, game-based learning solutions), announces that a Chief Strategy Officer from the Games Industry, Egil Strunke, has joined the company´s Advisory Board.



Egil Strunke, today Chief Strategy Officer at Starbreeze, and former COO of Embracer Group, has a vast experience in the management of growing companies. His impressive background includes lead management roles at Electronic Arts, PAN Vision, Nordic Games Group, Twentieth Century Fox, Embracer Group and Strunke Games.

“Having Egil Strunke join our Advisory Board is proof that we are doing the right things and have great potential for growth. He will contribute a valuable network and experience that will enable us to set up excellent strategies. The fact that I have known Egil for more than 20 years and that we have each made a parallel journey in the computer games industry makes this addition to our advisory board extra enjoyable.”, says Matti Larsson, General Manager, EduTechSmart.

“EduTechSmart is a very exciting company with an attractive future. I have known Matti since the end of the nineties as a very talented gaming entrepreneur. He and CEO Delia Zadius, are very passionate about building a really big company in Educational Technology. Gamification is just right in time and to be with them both on this journey and contribute with my knowledge and network will be a lot of fun. ” says Egil Strunke, newly appointed advisor to EduTechSmart.

During the first half of 2024, the company has been strengthened by creating an advisory board of experienced advisors both for the current phase the company is in and with aim for great expansion in the coming years.

bild 1 - Egil Strunke Advisor Delia Zadius CEO
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